Programs and Resources for Start-ups

VCU Ventures is constantly developing and testing new programs and resources to support start-up activity at VCU. Some of our current programs and resources include:

Start-up Navigators

Every faculty member that is interested in a start-up can be assigned a “navigator”. Essentially, one of our staff is assigned to you and helps to navigate the internal start-up process. We make sure you’re dealing with Innovation Gateway for IP issues, connect you with conflict of interest experts, remind you to fill our your annual AIRs forms and much more. Why do we do this? Well, as we see more faculty members spinning out companies we learn the process ourselves, and that experience can help other faculty members. As we help you jump over hurdles, we act as internal advocates for our faculty – trying to make VCU as friendly as possible to faculty and entrepreneurs.

The Founders Club

Interested in hearing from a faculty member who’s already been through the process? VCU Ventures hosts regular Founders Club events that allow faculty founders to connect, exchange ideas and give advice. If you are interested in starting a company, contact us and we will extend you an invitation. To participate, contact the VCU Ventures.

The Venture Lab

VCU Ventures hosts a series of Venture Labs, which are programs specifically designed to support start-up companies. These labs focus on the needs of specific types of technologies. One Venture lab may focus on supporting service firms, and the next may focus on medical devices. Through an intense screening process, participants are selected to go through a pre-acceleration program administered by RVA founders and investors. This program is designed to help you to develop, evaluate and test your business model. The program will commence with a “Demo day” where groups have the opportunity to pitch to local investors and entrepreneurs. More info about the VCU Venture Lab [PDF].

Founders Connect

Once a quarter, VCU Ventures hosts an offsite event with regional entrepreneurs, investors, and resource experts. These partners come to hear our top technologies and talk about how they can get involved and help connect resources and expertise wherever needed. To find out more, contact the VCU Ventures.

Start-up Space

Did you know start-ups based on a University technology can get access to free co-working space? You can even get a no-charge lease agreement that will support grant submissions. Set up a meeting with the VCU Ventures to find out more.

Access to Pathway Program

We work with our regional partners to ensure our programs ends with the opportunity to access the next level of support you need.